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Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Are We Here...?

 A question that some of us may ponder from time to time is, "Why are we here?" I don't mean we as individuals pondering our own life's worth, I mean why are we here in Antarctica. The science, simple as that. There are a multitude of disciplines that are being studied down here at any one time. Now I'm a boilermaker, so I will not go into this area in any details. My role in all this is an operational one, and to support the endeavours of the current science program. But the whole deal about the science is explained at the bosses web sites:    and

The science block at Casey is somewhat of a "tardis."  From the outside it doesn't look much. Inside it is a myriad of labs and offices. I've being working on the contaminated sites program which has seen the removal of refuse from disused stations and tip sites. As a boilermaker I'm  there to drive machinery and to build and modify equipment. Oh yes, and to give the science team a bit of a hard time, it's part of my job description. We have now loaded all the contaminated soils onto the Xue Long. See earlier blog on the Xue Long. All that I do know is that I'm glad that I have had the privilege of working with them.

Thanks guys...!

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