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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fire Fire Fire - Hell No...!

 In case of a fire, who do you call, the fire brigade. Well, here's ours at Casey in Antarctica. Located midtown, Casey, the fire brigade houses our fire engine Hagg (no surprise,it's red), with a top speed of a mind blowing 40kph. Can only do 15kph in peak hour traffic. The fire shed also houses a SAR (Search and Rescue) Hagg (its yellow) and SAR quad bikes. Our fire crew are specially trained by the Tasmanian Fire Service prior to arriving in Antarctica. We have our scheduled fire drills and not so scheduled fire drills. Like when one gets unintentionally too close to a fire sensor with a lighter or welding is being done in the green store. To be honest, the last place you want a fire is in Antarctica. If it burns down your accommodation, there's no where else very comfortable to sleep. If fire burnt down the power house, no heating, no power, no comms no easy access to water. In winter, you would be in real trouble as rescue from elsewhere would be a long time coming. So play save...!

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