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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emergency, Emergency is there a Doctor in Antarctica...!

 Are there doctors in Antarctica, I mean apart from the mered of PHd's scratching around the place in the name of science. Well, you bet there is. I really don't like hospitals after spending some spare time in a few when I was riding motor bikes. Here at Casey we have a damn fine little hospital  with operating theatre, day clinic, ward for two and always a great crowd pleaser, a dentists chair..! Not to put doctors down who have only eight days training in dentistry, but to tell you the truth, get your teeth checked before you come down...! I'm a boilermaker who is handy with a hammer and chisel  and can squeeze a tube a silastic if you feel the chair  is a little too much. But enough of that, a very lucky young
 fella had his appendix out just the other week down here and has now made a good recovery. He is already back at work. The best thing about this doctor's surgery, no appointments needed, no waiting, and no bills. Not only that, you get to have a beer with the doc after work at the bar. We have two here, Doctor John and Doctor Kate. Three cheers for the doctors...!

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