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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Antarctic Weight Loss Program Week 5

This is to report to those who are interested about how my weight loss program is going. Now as you may remember from previous blogs, I had to lose weight or surrender my Antarctic passport to photographing the icy continent. When I first did my medical I was 101kg with a BMI of 34.5. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the BMI or Body Mass Index. It is merely a weight to height relationship. My BMI of 34.5 is considered obese. My healthy BMI or anyone  for that matter is supposed to be between 20 and 25. This means I need to get down to 75kg at least given I'm a short man who seems to be shrinking with age. I would not be at all surprised that in part my shrinking is in part due to excess weight for a long time compressing my spine.

So at the end of week 5 I'm down to 89.3kg. This is a 1.6kg loss for this week.
My BMI is down to 30.54 down from 31.09 last week.

This is a total weight loss of 11.7kg since my medical. But in actual fact 8.2kg since I started my serious weight loss program 5 weeks ago. I continue to really enjoy this weight loss thing and actually don't miss too many things like chips and beer. That's not to say I've totally excluded them, I can just say NO now and look for something  more healthy if its available. I choose to have a red wine rather than a beer. Still love beer, I just make a choice between the two.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Antarctic Penguins - The Real Happy Feet

I never get tied of watching these little guys. Probably the most curious of the Antarctic Penguins. For more details on these little fellas got to my other blog on the Adelie

There also many images of these birds at my Rock'in Horse Photography Artists Gallery.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Unlimited Power in Antarctica

I know what your thinking, this isn't about some renewable source of energy that their mucking around with in Antarctica, it's a book. Well it's a book by Anthony Robbins. That tall square jawed fella from America. Unlimited Power is a fitness book for the mind. It will show you step by step how to perform at your peak.

Passion, as Anthony would describe it, is what drives successful people, both in business and sports to a boilermaker with a weight issue, which energizes them to almost obsessive purpose to grow and to be more. It gives them the fuel that powers their success train and causes them to tap their potential. It's passion that causes Olympic athletes to train hard for gold, its passion that causes children at school to study hard to realise a dream, its passion that drives scientists to discover new medical procedures and medicines. For me, a boilermaker who doesn't exactly fit into the Olympic athlete group above, my passion is photographing Antarctica. So as you know in my recent past blogs I've got a weight issue that had almost derailed my next trip to the icy continent. My weight management program has allowed me to once again  follow that dream. In the process of that weight loss however, I've also discovered that my energy levels are bordering on being dangerous - outstanding!

Anyway, this is a great book to read if your into self improvement or looking for somewhere to start your change. Although this book has been around since the mid - late 80's, principals written about in this book are ageless.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weight Loss Program for Antarctica - Week 4

Day 1 of Program
Day 1 of Program
Week 4
Week 4 of Program
So here we are at week 4 of my Antarctic weight loss program. I continue my 2 protein shakes a day with 1 colourful meal. I'm drinking heaps of water , and taking a number of vitamin suppliments to boost my energy levels. The vitamin suppliments are all natural herbs in a concentrated form. Certainly nothing like I've ever taken before. Goes to show if you buy cheap stuff from the chemist shop or the supermarket you are really not  getting bang for your buck compared to this stuff.I thought the shakes were going to be a problem and get a bit boring, but with these I can add apple, blueberries, really what ever fruits I like. I've got recipes even for savoury type shakes that include tomato juice and celery. Normally with shakes I got hungry 5 minutes after having the shake. But taken with the vitamin suppliments, man I am full and stay that way till my next meal time.Not something that an old boilmaker like me  would normally venture into, but again when someone is telling you your BMI is borderline, and your Antarctic adventures may be in jeopardy you tend to get motivated. Please excuse the pictures to the right here, but I'm not entering a body building competition. They are merely to show that I have lost weight. I've still got a way to go yet to get to my target weight of 75Kg. There are still signs of love handles and "man boobs" which I'm really looking forward to getting rid of. My next move is to start a exercise program that tone muscle especially the upper areas of the body. I'm not a gym person, so I'm going to have to devise something here at home. Below are my Week 4 Sats
As at 20Jun 2012
Weight:                       90.9 kg (down 2.1kg this week)
Total Body Fat Lost : 55 cm (after 4 weeks)
BMI :                          31.09 (down from 33.4 at the beginning of program)
You can check the stuff I'm on click here

Monday, June 18, 2012

Think and Grow Rich in Antarctica

Your probably thinking, "What the....." How does a book written back in the 1930's have anything to do with Antarctica. Well this book has been in my collection for some 20 years now and is worth reading over and over.  It has allowed me to belief in myself and to achieve my dreams. It has given me the tools that allows me to travel not only to Antarctica each year to photograph, but continue to have an outstanding relationship with my wife for over 30 years.  Of course the title may be a little off putting for some. I've found that if you apply the knowledge in this book, then money is just a spin off. If making too much money is a problem, give it away to those who really need it. Set up a trust fund or a foundation.The most important message in this book is developing a sense of belief in oneself. It gives you the tools to be able to achieve your dreams whatever they may be. Not everyone wants to travel to Antarctica every year, but everyone dreams of doing something amazing in their life.The techniques to do this, like auto self suggestion, may be new to some and at first will be weird. Autosuggestion is the agency of control through which and individual may voluntarily feed his subconscious mind on thoughts of a creative nature or by neglect,permit thoughts of destructive nature find their way into the mind. Nature has built man with the ability to have absolute control over what material enters the subconscious mind through his five senses. This should not be construed as a statement that man always does exercise this control.In fact in most cases man does not take control, and this is why so many go through life in poverty, both in mind and wallet. In a world where peoples dreams are shattered on a daily basis, making your dreams come true through your own hard work  is most satisfying. In my opinion, this is book is a literary toolbox worth having. What can you find in the book:
  • Great dreams turn into great riches
  • Desire performs the impossible
  • Twenty eight very personal but revealing questions
  • The magic of 'Money Consciousness'
  • You can use more brains than your own
  • There's no such thing as bad luck
  • Fear is only a state of mind
ISBN 0-87980-163-8
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Preparing the Mind

I've always loved reading biographies about people who have overcome lifes little challenges. What makes them so special, unique and how did they get to where they are. My sister has been a source of good reads over the years with this one about Nick Vujicic, an Aussie born without arms or legs being no exception. This Nick has done more things without arms and legs than most of us with all the body  parts. Surfing,scuba diving and travelling the world as an inspirational speaker are just a few of his accomplishments in his youthful age of 28. What makes Nick different from any other highly success individual , nothing. What does he have in common with other highly successful individuals - he does not give up. His persistance to find a way to adapt to a world geared towards people with limbs is inspirational. Check out his website Life without Limbs . A great read and makes you realise that what ever it is that you think is a burden - isn't. Read about Nick's 4 Attitudes.
1. Attitude of Gratitude
2. Attitude of Action
3. Attitude of Empathy
4. Attitude of Forgiveness

I'm not at all religious, I don't believe in a god, but I guess we all have faith in something and if that thing inspires you to do great positive things and gives you the belief you need in yourself then that can't be all bad.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Antarctic Weight Loss Program - Week 3

So for those of you who follow this blog you will know that I had to do something about my weight and energy levels if I was to return to Antarctica anytime in the future. I have never been a fan of diets because I really didn't have a reason to lose weight and I just love food and beer. Being overweight to the point of being obese just seemed to creep up on me. When I did start to really think about it, was when something that I really loved doing was about to be yanked away from me because of my weight. So here are my end of week three stats.

Body Wt: 93.0 kg down from 95.5kg last week

Total Body Fat Lost: 75.5 cm after 3 weeks

Total Weight Lost: 4.5 kg after 3 weeks

BMI now: 31.8 down from 32.28 last week

I have found that by losing a small amount ie 1 - 2 kg per week a lot easier to accomplish than I first thought. I have also found that I am getting into a routine now following my program and exercise continues to be enjoyable rather than a task. By having a small positive result each week it makes sense to pursue this to my target of 75kg in the next 18 weeks. My exercise might have to be ramped up, but I have no doubt that my increased energy levels will allow this to happen.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Antarctic Eating Atitude Adjustment Program

Well, I've made it to my second week of my eating attitude adjustment program. You will note that I still have this long winded title for the program because I just don't like the word "diet." That may well be my next little project. Anyway you didn't stop here to read my mutterings. So here are the vital statistics for the end of week 2.

Total Body Fat Loss 56.6 cm (this is for the 2 wks)
Total Wt lost               3.1kg
BMI                           32.28     down from 33.34

The trouble I have now is that in the past, I could rely on just the elastic in my shorts to hold them up in an acceptable fashion. Now I have to use the draw string  as well as nobody wants to look at a 50+ male walking around with his ankle warming shorts on. In the past I have never liked exercise outside of normal work activities. I mean I could always justify my sloth like behaviour by the fact I was in a physical type work.Hmm, not really. There may be a few parts that get a workout as a boilermaker, but really. I continue to have the energy to actually enjoy exercise and am adding to the excerise menu of new things to try. Before this attitude adjustment, I was flat out doing 1 crunch. Now that some of my stomach has left the building, crunchs aren't a problem. All I have to do is temper my enthusiasm for doing them so I don't go walking around like I've had my left knee sown to my stomach.

My weight loss program is at No Limits Living