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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Odeon Picture Threatre and Meeting Room - Casey Antarctica

 When one has time out from skiing, photographic ventures, field trips, oh, and that other thing we do here, work, you can venture into the Odeon Picture theatre. Found on the second floor of the red shed on the south eastern end, it is where you can put on your favourite movie and watch it on one bloody big screen with surround sound. The leather chairs are incredibly comfortable and you may find yourself needing to rewind the show on the odd occasion. You can take all your favourite theatre foods, like popcorn, tim tams, chocolate bars, coke (that's the drink), lemonade, well you get the picture. The Odeon is also used for those boring work meetings that one has to attend on occasion. We have also used it as a training room for search and rescue equipment familiarization. My first introduction to the theatre was out of frustration from not being able to sleep in a room with other snorers, I couldn't hear myself snoring. So I would wonder down here in the middle of the night and make up my bed on the mattresses up the front of the theatre. Very nice. Yes, and as you would have it someone would decide to wonder in at some god forsaken hour in the morning wanting to do yoga with the opening line after turning on all three hundred lights in the theatre," oh, were you asleep,"  then walk out to leave you sleep, leaving all three hundred 1500watt lights on. Well at that hour of the morning it seemed like 300, 1500 watt lights...!

Bless 'em.

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