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Friday, January 21, 2011

My Name's Warren, and I'm Hot...!

 As you could imagine, masses of rubbish is produced each day by the expeditioners at Casey. Now there's no rubbish tip that you can go and dump this stuff and throwing it into the sea or in holes is just not on. So, we return the recyclables and non recyclables to Australia, and burn the rest in an incinerator named Warren. Warren can reach round 1000 degrees and reduces everything to ash. Food wastes from the kitchen are bagged, weighed and burnt in Warren. Poo from field trips believe it or not is weighted and burnt in Warren. The plumbers are the operators of Warren. The one thing
 that they fear the most are aerosol cans. Not only will they explode in Warren and damage the brick linings, but I am told exploding aerosol cans have shot out of Warren when the door has been opened...!

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