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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas in Antarctica - Well Sort of...!

Christmas down here has to work in with our resupply. As you would have it, we had christmas a few days late. But, it was a great day. I did forget to mention in my blog about my role as a boilermaker that it also included being Santa. I guess I got the gig because of my greying beard and my ownership of a pair of gold framed reading glasses. We, like most work places had a secret santa present hand out. Unfortunitely, due to airflights coming from home, some didn't get presents from home. But, the day went along great with an incredible amount of seafood and lots of laughs. The chefs as usuall blew away the crowd with their skills. Hope everyone else had a season to remember, I certainly did...! Merry (belated)Christmas from Antarctica.

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