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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Capital Works at Casey - Antarctica

 The capital works at Casey mainly revolves around the expansion of the west end of the accommodation block (the red shed). The extensions are modified shipping containers that are pre-wired with rooms. These are mounted on concrete beams two high by 4 across. All the positioning of the containers were done by last years wintering crew. During my time here the carpentry crew are putting the external insulation cladding and roofing on. The plumbers are also installing additional showers and toilets. The insulation on the wall is a 100mm styrene foam sheet sandwiched between aluminium. Pretty much the same as a refrigerator.  The roof is 150mm foam sheets.

We've been blessed with pretty good weather so far and work had progressed at a good pace. I've not had much to do with the works but the boys are doing a great job despite all my well intentioned boilermaking advice that has no bearing on the job at hand what so ever...!

For those of you that know the red shed already, the new cladding is different from the original. It has no external joining covers and is flat with no ribs. Very space age. The sheets are so light the boys are man handling them into position...!
The new bathrooms and toilets are actually in the old section directly above the hospital. An access doorway will join the new and old sections once all external cladding is completed...! The new rooms are small but comfortable. See old blog, "Sleeping at Casey."

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