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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brewing Beer - Antarctic Beer, Nothing But the Best...!

 At Casey we brew our own Lager,Draught, Stout, Black and Tan, Ginger Beer and Cider. This amounts to some 7000 bottles per year. Now I know what your thinking, what a bunch of piss pots. Well, not really when you consider that we have over summer 80 plus people here. Also, it's cheaper to bring brew kits down as cargo rather than commercial brews. Now when it comes to home brews I'm  generally not a big fan. Some home brews you drink back home are just downright horrible and should only be used as weed killer. But the beers down here are very good, especially the Black and Tan.(Another one of those stories). The brewery is headed by a brewmaster who is responsible for the actual
brewing and distribution of bottles. All of the beers,once bottled, sit on the shelf in the brewery for a minimum of 4 weeks before drinking. The bottling and caping is done by a bunch of very enthusiastic helpers pulled from the Casey community every Wednesday night. We bottle around 200 lts per week. One of the reasons our beer here is so good is partly due to the cleaning process of the bottles, and that we have a strict policy of a 4 week shelf life prior to drinking. Anyway who can stand having hundreds of bottles sitting on shelves longer than 4 weeks. Cheers...!

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