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Monday, January 10, 2011

Quit Smoking - Before You Get to Antarctica

Quit smoking before you get to Antarctica. Now this really only applies to the Aussie Stations, as I can't speak for the others except say Mc Murdo (USA) where they have everything including ATM's.But for the Aussies Stations,lets face it, there are no shops down here that you can just duck off to and buy a pack if you run out. You have to buy your entire stock yourself prior to coming down. Now, lets see, that would mean at 1 pack per day at lets say a good price of $15.00 per pack X a 26 week stay, that would make it $2730 up front cost. Don't know about you but that's good money that could be spent on, lets say, booze, camera gear...! Also, like all government offices you can not smoke in or near the entrances of any of the buildings. So what do you do when there's a blizzard, or just plain miserable outside, like minus 30 C in winter? Well you get put in an isolated smokers hut, and that's where you stay. So,QUIT SMOKING...!

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