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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weather Forcasts - Casey Antarctica

 Yep, just as we have all suspected about weather forecasting, the old dart board routine. Nothing more needs to be said about that. However, in the interests of those of us down here and go out on field trips, a very sophisticated  meteorological modeling system is used to forecast weather in all the areas that people are currently located. The models use information from realtime data, satalite data, infared data and a truck load of other data that boggles the mind. The models combined form the forecast. Needing forecasts for all groups in different localities can be a headache for the Met people because there can be in excess of 6 different parties out at one time, and spread over hundreds of square kilometres. We also forecast for planes and shipping in the area and for other countries. The weather is monitored down here around the clock when planes and shipping are in the area. So the old dart board
routine just won't cut it as blizzards can pop up very quickly and at speeds of over 180 kph, you just don't want to be out in them. Quick accurate forecasts is their business, and they do it very well...!

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