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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We flew to Casey from McMurdo on the old C130 Herc.Its just one noicy,uncomfortable, flying condom.But a lot of fun. The only way to enjoy it is to take a pack of cards, good ear muffs, and an iPod of some description. Another idea is to pack some nibblies for the trip because the food provided is shall we say, primitive. The toilet fascilities are also pretty basic. But hey, this is a military aircraft designed to deliver bad tempered fighting machines to worse areas than Antarctica. We had two goes at getting to Casey. The first trip we got within 5 min of our point of no return, about three hours, and then had to turn around due to bad weather at the Casey airstrip. The second trip, 3 days later went without a hitch.

For more pics on the Herc:

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