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Friday, December 10, 2010

Down to Business...!

One of the many reasons for actually being at Casey is to be involved with the continued construction/assembly of the extentions to the main accommodation block or the Red Shed. The extention in fact is just a bunch of modified shipping containers jammed together with a roof over the top, and 100mm thick foam filled cladding for walls. The chippies are mainly involved with the fitting out of the rooms of which there are 34 singles. They're not too bad, but come no where close to the standards that mine construction camps have today. Mine construction camps today have rooms with ensuites, TV,video, bar fridge as standard.  The rooms here are basically a bed, desk and some storage. You do have you own phone and internet access. the phone calls are not free, but the internet access is.

As a boilermaker, my role is to manufacture and repair what ever is required and help out the other tradies when needed. Very simple....!

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