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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Before Antarctica

I had just finished a contract out in Dalby Qld building a gas fired power station with Laing ORourke. This was October 2009. As usual, I started to pick up the Saturday papers looking for the next contract in heavy construction. An ad for the Australian Antarctic Division(AAD) caught my eye. They were looking for a range of people with various experiences. Well, hell, if your not in the race, how can you expect to win it. Anyway, I didn't really expect to hear from them, so as you do, applied for other jobs in WA. Got a contract with Monodelphous in the Pilbara which started in January 2010.

March came and bugger me if I didn't get a call from the AAD wanting to see me in Brisbane for interviews and tests. Needless to say, here I am, in Antarctica. My role here is not just as a boilermaker, but as someone who has to be a "jack of all trades." My science role is in the field of molten metal transfer technologies.

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