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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Antarctic Food

Food in Antarctica is very similar to that you would find in Mining camps of today. The kitchens are typical of a small commercial one. Bread, pastries, pies, steak and chips, you name it, at some time we've probably had it cooked here. The main difference down here is the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruit juices come as concentrates, and the milk of course is powdered. Fresh fruit is only available for the first few weeks after a resupply. Meats are all frozen. We have a full range of meats including fish, prawns, ham, lamb, chicken, duck and beef. All meals are self served from a  bain marrie.  Breakfasts are what we call, catch and kill. Basically a continental style breakfast of what ever you want. Cereals, toast, teas and coffee. You can reheat anything that is left over if you want. Smoko can be a big meal if you like. This can be anything from pizzas to danish pastries and soups. Lunch is a fall on cooked meal with roasts, pasta, soups and veges. Dinner is the same with deserts. Along with all this, there is available chocolate bars, biscuits,dried fruit and nuts on tap. Anyone wanting to celebrate their birthday can have a birthday cake. Sausage rolls and donuts are also popular,as are blueberry muffins. Very few come away from Antarctica lighter than they came down.

Lets hear it for the chefs....!

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