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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sleeping at Casey...!

My greatest challenge here in Antarctica has being to get a good nights sleep. The room which I was originally in housed four of us on bunks beds. Luckily the other three guys are great people to be around. The challenge for me is that unless I'm dead drunk, I tend to be a light sleeper. Hence with three other men snoring their heads off at various pitches and volume, I get no sleep. Therefore, it was my nightly routine to wonder down to the Odean (our cinema) and sleep on the mattresses for the night. This would be a pain because people could be watching their favourite slasher movie until the wee hours of the night. My room was not the worst room however. This title goes to the accommodation out the side of the main block in the caravan park. These abysmal accusses for accommodation house four people in a container like caravan. There is not shower or toilet in these things, which means you either have to pee in a bottle during the night or brave the Antarctic winds and snow and go back into the main accommodation block known as the "Red Shed." Luckily we have all moved into the new west wing where we each have our own room.

The new rooms are comfortable but very small. Approx. 2.4m square. They are yet to be finished. At this point you still have to have your midnight pee in a bottle and go back into the Red Shed for a shower. This is due to the entrance to the new wing still not being cut through the wall. We are housed at the moment in the dungeon part of the new wing. My room shares the wall with the plant room which is very quiet and is isolated from the rest of the rooms. I consider it the best room for getting a good nights rest because it doesn't share walls with other expeditioners. The walls are still paper thin. In terms of accommodation standards, they are still way behind mine camp standards. Still, you have to remember where you are, Antarctica...!

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