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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The End of Resupply and Farewell to the Aurora Australis

Resupply and refueling is done and dusted. We farewelled the Aurora and it's passagers this afternoon with some fanfare. The winterers who have been here for over 12 months were those aboard. The weather played its part by being kind with below 10 knot winds and around 0 degrees during the days of resupply. This allowed us to complete the resupply in under 6 days. Now we can get back to our daily routines and some well earned rest. For all us bottom feeders, resupply is really an easy task. You can even take in a spot of fishing whilst you wait for the barge to return. Nothing worth catching, but it's really about doing something different to break up the monotony. But for those up the chain, it can be stressful. I should also mention that one of our diesel mechanics had
 an acute appendicitis and had to be operated on in our hospital during the resupply. A not so memorable  Antarctic event for him, but a great achievement by those doctors who attended him. He is recovering well, and is now taking on his first lot of food.

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