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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Want to Stay Warm?

Want to stay warm, its all about the layers and what they are made of. The three layer system is the one that I use down here. Layer one is your thermal layer. This is made of pure merino super fine wool, not poly or certainly not cotton. This is because wool wicks away your sweat, apposed to cotton  which holds the moisture next to your skin. When this happens down here, of course the sweat will keep you cold.The second layer is polo fleece which keeps your body heat in and forms a layer of body heater air close to where you need it. The third layer is your wind/water proofing. This does exactly what is says it does. If you are over heating these garmets have sipped areas that allow you open and let the heat out. Keeping the old head warm will also help you stay warm. Boots are another subject...!

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