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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Skull Dragging 30+ tonnes Over Snow and Ice...!

Cat D7G hooking up to operations sled for Wilkins Airstrip

Moving 30+ tonnes over snow and ice isn't that hard when you've got the right gear and conditions. We moved this mobile operations building on its sled to a new temp. position. Required two machines,one front and back. The front CatD7G towing, the rear a Cat Challenger acting as a brake. We got everything hooked up and then, as you would have it, the D7 couldn't budge it. So, off it came, and with a little bump, and I do mean a little bump with the blade broke the frozen seal holding the sled to the snow. Rehooked and there you have it, away we went at a roaring pace of 3.6km per hr...!

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