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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Antarctic Weight Loss Program Week 5

This is to report to those who are interested about how my weight loss program is going. Now as you may remember from previous blogs, I had to lose weight or surrender my Antarctic passport to photographing the icy continent. When I first did my medical I was 101kg with a BMI of 34.5. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the BMI or Body Mass Index. It is merely a weight to height relationship. My BMI of 34.5 is considered obese. My healthy BMI or anyone  for that matter is supposed to be between 20 and 25. This means I need to get down to 75kg at least given I'm a short man who seems to be shrinking with age. I would not be at all surprised that in part my shrinking is in part due to excess weight for a long time compressing my spine.

So at the end of week 5 I'm down to 89.3kg. This is a 1.6kg loss for this week.
My BMI is down to 30.54 down from 31.09 last week.

This is a total weight loss of 11.7kg since my medical. But in actual fact 8.2kg since I started my serious weight loss program 5 weeks ago. I continue to really enjoy this weight loss thing and actually don't miss too many things like chips and beer. That's not to say I've totally excluded them, I can just say NO now and look for something  more healthy if its available. I choose to have a red wine rather than a beer. Still love beer, I just make a choice between the two.

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