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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ABC Open - A Place to Share

I am now back in Hobart preparing for my next trip to Antarctica.

Prior to coming down to Hobart I had the good fortune to meet ABC Producer Brad Marsellos from the Wide Bay regional office in Bundaberg. Brad had come down to my home town camera club to promote the ABC Open program

This is an outstanding program for regional people, from all walks of life to share their story with the rest of the world. Brad then followed up his visit with another to help advise me on a small video I made for the ABC Open program. It was really great to gain this knowledge from Brad, because as a still photographer, video is not always in the forefront of your mind when taking pictures. I have found it is difficult to capture the spirituality of Antarctica in still photography alone, but coupled with video is gets you that one step closer to the appreciation of such a place.

So, Brad was very kind in his blog "A place Most of Us Will Never See" . The video is the one at the top of this blog with the penguin playing cricket.

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