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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weight Loss Program for Antarctica - Week 4

Day 1 of Program
Day 1 of Program
Week 4
Week 4 of Program
So here we are at week 4 of my Antarctic weight loss program. I continue my 2 protein shakes a day with 1 colourful meal. I'm drinking heaps of water , and taking a number of vitamin suppliments to boost my energy levels. The vitamin suppliments are all natural herbs in a concentrated form. Certainly nothing like I've ever taken before. Goes to show if you buy cheap stuff from the chemist shop or the supermarket you are really not  getting bang for your buck compared to this stuff.I thought the shakes were going to be a problem and get a bit boring, but with these I can add apple, blueberries, really what ever fruits I like. I've got recipes even for savoury type shakes that include tomato juice and celery. Normally with shakes I got hungry 5 minutes after having the shake. But taken with the vitamin suppliments, man I am full and stay that way till my next meal time.Not something that an old boilmaker like me  would normally venture into, but again when someone is telling you your BMI is borderline, and your Antarctic adventures may be in jeopardy you tend to get motivated. Please excuse the pictures to the right here, but I'm not entering a body building competition. They are merely to show that I have lost weight. I've still got a way to go yet to get to my target weight of 75Kg. There are still signs of love handles and "man boobs" which I'm really looking forward to getting rid of. My next move is to start a exercise program that tone muscle especially the upper areas of the body. I'm not a gym person, so I'm going to have to devise something here at home. Below are my Week 4 Sats
As at 20Jun 2012
Weight:                       90.9 kg (down 2.1kg this week)
Total Body Fat Lost : 55 cm (after 4 weeks)
BMI :                          31.09 (down from 33.4 at the beginning of program)
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