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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Preparing the Mind

I've always loved reading biographies about people who have overcome lifes little challenges. What makes them so special, unique and how did they get to where they are. My sister has been a source of good reads over the years with this one about Nick Vujicic, an Aussie born without arms or legs being no exception. This Nick has done more things without arms and legs than most of us with all the body  parts. Surfing,scuba diving and travelling the world as an inspirational speaker are just a few of his accomplishments in his youthful age of 28. What makes Nick different from any other highly success individual , nothing. What does he have in common with other highly successful individuals - he does not give up. His persistance to find a way to adapt to a world geared towards people with limbs is inspirational. Check out his website Life without Limbs . A great read and makes you realise that what ever it is that you think is a burden - isn't. Read about Nick's 4 Attitudes.
1. Attitude of Gratitude
2. Attitude of Action
3. Attitude of Empathy
4. Attitude of Forgiveness

I'm not at all religious, I don't believe in a god, but I guess we all have faith in something and if that thing inspires you to do great positive things and gives you the belief you need in yourself then that can't be all bad.

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