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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Antarctic Eating Atitude Adjustment Program

Well, I've made it to my second week of my eating attitude adjustment program. You will note that I still have this long winded title for the program because I just don't like the word "diet." That may well be my next little project. Anyway you didn't stop here to read my mutterings. So here are the vital statistics for the end of week 2.

Total Body Fat Loss 56.6 cm (this is for the 2 wks)
Total Wt lost               3.1kg
BMI                           32.28     down from 33.34

The trouble I have now is that in the past, I could rely on just the elastic in my shorts to hold them up in an acceptable fashion. Now I have to use the draw string  as well as nobody wants to look at a 50+ male walking around with his ankle warming shorts on. In the past I have never liked exercise outside of normal work activities. I mean I could always justify my sloth like behaviour by the fact I was in a physical type work.Hmm, not really. There may be a few parts that get a workout as a boilermaker, but really. I continue to have the energy to actually enjoy exercise and am adding to the excerise menu of new things to try. Before this attitude adjustment, I was flat out doing 1 crunch. Now that some of my stomach has left the building, crunchs aren't a problem. All I have to do is temper my enthusiasm for doing them so I don't go walking around like I've had my left knee sown to my stomach.

My weight loss program is at No Limits Living

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