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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Journey Back to Antarctica - A Weight Loss Story

So as promised in my previous blogs, I would keep you up to date with my eating attitude adjustment program. It has been I week today since I started this journey. The journey is not only to get me into condition for Antarctica, but for my retirement which I’m planning to spend a lot of time in. So here are my stats for the week

Starting BMI                                       33.34

This weeks BMI                                 32.69

Starting Wt kg                                    97.5

This week Wt Kg                               95.6   

Wt loss for week1                             1.9kg or 4.18lb

Total Body Fat loss in cm Wk 1       15.5cm or 6.1”

Probably the most important aspect of this program is the amount of energy that I have gained. This in turn has allowed me to want to exercise and enjoy doing it.I go for a power walk for only 20mins with my wife and two dogs in the morning.After that a spend only 10mins on a cross trainer back home.Steady she goes. My plan is to be consistant and persistant with this program.Look, I don’t plan on being an Olympic athlete or body builder, but I do want to get to Antarctica each year which requires me to be in some form of acceptable shape. Last summer in Antarctica I really missed out on going on hiking trips because I just didn’t have the energy to get my sloth butt out and about. I have a real purpose for losing weight, and it’s nothing to do with being fat. It’s about missing out on photographing Antarctica. What are you missing out on?
My weight loss program is at No Limits Living Website

Watch the video of the company that is backing my program

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