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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Santa,an Elf, and a Well Hung Reindeer

An Elf, Santa, and a Well Hung Reindeer

Sorry about the title but I just couldn’t help myself. Christmas in Antarctica, like anywhere else, means something different for everyone. For most here in Antarctica, I believe, (having not interviewed anyone else before posting  blog, this could be a load of rubbish) is a combination of having a good party with good friends and a touch of sadness being away from home and family. To cope with the missing of family,people, that being me, do things that would not usually surface back home (like playing Santa). I played Santa last year at Casey and again this year at Davis. Not having children of my own, and actually not remembering ever visiting one as a child, I have no idea how the role playing of Santa should go (especially with a bunch of adults with various sensitivities and political correctness). So, just being oneself is the way to go(suffer the roth of the  politically correctness police later). Not being politically correct myself, I normally wouldn’t care about a well hung reindeer posing with Santa and present recipients, but I must admit at the time I thought these pictures may want to be emailed back home to the kids and other family members. The reindeer did behave for most of the photos, especially those where young eyes maybe viewing the picture back home. . . ! Hoping everyone back home had a great christmas, or whatever you want to call getting together with friends and family at this time of year.

Sorry for those of you that thought Santa actually lived in the Northern Hemisphere, nope. That's the tourist version.
From Antarctica,  a Fat bloke in a red suit, an Elf, and a well hung reindeer on loan from the Northern Hemisphere.

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