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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day in the Ol' Wallow - Davis Station

Elephant Seal Pup - "You humans are so boring with all your picture taking!"
Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus
Boxing Day in Antarctica. Well it's just like boxing day back home. A day to relax after a day of over eating and perhaps drinking. So the order of the day is to take in a walk, photograph sleepy Elephant Seals in a very smelly "wallow", then go have a sleep one's self. Actually these 4 young guys were probably doing just that when we rocked up and disturbed their sleep. Not all the sea ice has disappeared yet from around the station so there are still very few elephant seals around. We expect to see this change over the next few weeks as the ice gets blown out and we see the return of hundreds of these sleepy fellas to the various sandy beaches around the station.
Now I don't know about you but that flipper has a certain familiarity about it. Even the nails look like mine!

Elephant Seal Pup - "Bugger off and leave me alone!"
Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus

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  1. Nice shots..and they smell as good as they look..hope your having a great time, I did


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