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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Davis Workshop Sealed

Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus
 Well Hell, what do you do when you go to work and find a 1500kg Elephant Seal pup in the workshop. Grab a camera and take pictures of course. Ceril, as I will refer to him as, was the first Elephant Seal to appear at Davis this summer. He turned up a bit early as the sea ice is still fast and no other seal have yet to arrive. Ceril has traveled all around the station and does not seem to mind all the heavy machinery that we use during summer to maintain the station. In fact,Ceril, just lies around sleeping, opening his eyes occasionally to see who is taking pictures and disturbing his sleep.Now Ceril has worked out how to open our doors to our workshop, and why not. It's warm and cosey inside. Now you would think that once in a while could be accepted as a bit of a fluke at getting in by Ceril. But he managed to break into the workshop twice on the same day using two different doors. Onya Ceril.
The doors if your wondering are just like the big industrial fridge doors. They are around 6 inches (150mm) thick and have a large connecting bar which you push to disengage the two locking latches.

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Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus

Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus

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