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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Creation of Man's Divine Boat Shed - Antarctica

All the trades at Davis Station who just happen to turn
up for the boat shed party.
Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus

Look, it's no Sistine Chapel all right, but it's one hell of a boat shed.

This boat shed located at Davis Station is typical of the type of construction that we employ in the Australian Antarctic. Consisting of 4, 10 foot, and 2, 40 foot shipping containers it's what every boy wants at home for his tinnie. Tinnie for all you none Aussie types is what we call any metal boat. Be it aluminium or steel. Usually trailable, but pretty much any boat that is made of some kind of metal, like the Queen Mary or Britannia. Anyway, that's enough of the Aussie slang lesson.

This shed has a overhead monorail crane as well. Precast concrete slabs add to the charm of this shed. It will house our IRB's (inflatable rubber boats) and their associated motors and survival equipment.

It is clad with 100mm thick aluminium cladded foam slabs.

Some of "the boat shed bandits"
Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus

Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus

Photograph by David (Horse) Barringhaus

As with anything that is built by us trades type people, any excuse for a party with good mates and food and drink will do. So no better way of getting all the "really" important people for a photo, throw a party.

Thanks to the boat shed crew which I played a small part in, but really the hard work goes to the "chippies", rigger and crane driver on the job. Nice one.

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