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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amanda Bay - Antarctica

Horse trying to do a self portrait at Amanda Bay
One of the great travesties in life that one tends to overlook the sharing of your interests and wishs with others. If people don't know what you want, they are unable to help you get what you want. Last year I expressed an interest to photograph the scientists working with the penguins. To be involved with the scientists is a bit tricky because all sorts of permits and official okays need to be in place before a non-scientist can get this close to the penguins. So when a good scientist friend gave the okay to come and photograph the Emperor penguins at Amanda Bay, I was elated. 

Amanda Bay is West of Davis Station, about 40 min flying time in a helicopter. It is home to thousands of Emperor penguins. So while the scientists weighted and put GPS trackers on the fledglings, I photographed. It was a great day, and a privilege I will never forget. I've also made a little video on the day as well.

Have not idea what the litlle fluff balls where doing up on the icebergs at the back

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