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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Returning to Antarctica

I must appologise for being a little slow in getting going with this blog again due to two main factors, laziness and a very slow internet connection.
Resupply start at Davis - Ice 1.6 metres thick
On my return to Australia from the last summer season in April of this year(2011), I thought I was going to get some time at home to reacquaint myself with my wife and family. However coming from a mining and construction background it was within 2 weeks I was offered a new contract back in Western Australia completing a contract for BHP. On the same day as the WA offer came the offer to return to Antarctica, this time at Davis Station. Hell, what a buggar.As it turned out the contract in WA was for only 4 months, and I didn't need to be back in Hobart for my southern departure until early October. So as a money hungry boilermaker looking to retire early, I took both offers. I completed the WA job early September,six weeks at home doing a few odd jobs like concreting the driveway and plumbing in a new washing machine, and arrived down Hobart to catch the Aurora Australis south again. Now, the trip south I thought was going to be a bit dodgy when it came to me being sea sick for the first day on board on my first trip. So I took some 25mg phenergan to counter any illness that may befall me. It worked. Had a sickness free trip. It took around 17 days to get here. Not too boring as we had some great talks from our scientists on board and Tui de Roy, a world renowned wildlife photographer who came down to photograph the emperor penguins. Would loved to have gone a shooting trek with her but I'm here to build  and repair things. However, as some of you may know, I do like to take a few snaps, so I've included some of my trip down that being mainly of icebergs and birds in up coming blogs

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