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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Laundry - Do Your Own Bloody Laundry...!

As you would have it, you do your own laundry whilst at Casey. This includes all your  personal clothes and bedding. There are 6 sets of washing machines and driers plus a drying room to dry your woollens. The laundry power is of course enviro friendly. The only challenge we have is that the machines are on a timer and won't start before 9.00am and shut down around 11.00pm. So you can't get in extra early in the morning and do that load before work. A word of advice for all you young fellas who haven't washed pure woollens before, wash 'em in cold water and hang them in the drying room. Do not tumble dry them. If you do what went in as an XL will come out a L or M. This includes your Antarctic socks and thermals. Sorry for stating the obvious, but it still happens. The  laundry also doubles as the hair dressers...!

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